Deviled eggs dakarois

18 Nov


6 hardboiled eggs (directions here)
2 Tbsp mayonnaise (Calvé – yum!)
2 Tbsp strained lait caillé (creamier filling, less fat than mayo)
1/4 tsp yellow mustard (Hypermarché has it!)
2-3 cornichons pickles, chopped
1 Tbsp pickle juice
pinch of sugar


Cut eggs in half. Put the yolks in a bowl. Mash well with a fork. Add mayo, mustard, and pickle juice, mixing until smooth. Stir in chopped pickles.


Spoon the mixture back into the yolks. Sprinkle with paprika, and voila!

Tip: For transporting deviled eggs, try mini-muffin tins!


2 Responses to “Deviled eggs dakarois”


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