I have conquered Senegalese beef.

20 May

4 kilos ‘boeuf tranche arrière’ (purchased at CDA for 2800cfa/kilo)
1 lg Flag beer (could also use 2 cups red wine, beef broth or brewed coffee)
2 tsp beef bouillon
2 onions, cut into thick wedges

Heat a splash of olive oil over high heat in a heavy frying pan. Brown the pieces of meat on both sides. Set the meat in a large roasting pan along with the onions.

Pour the liquid over the meat. It should come up about 1/3 to 1/2 way up the meat. Add the bouillon.

Cover with a lid (or tightly with foil) and bake at 300° for a looong time. I mean like up to seven hours. Once an hour, turn the meat so that it stays wet with the liquid. You’ll know it’s done with the meat can be broken apart with a fork!

(You can make this up in large batches and then freeze it in ziploc bags with some of the broth for later use.)


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