Kari bayildi

21 Feb

The name of the recipe in my cookbook is Imam bayildi, which means ‘the imam fainted’. It was just that tasty. I started following the recipe, but veered off course on the ingredients. Then on the procedure. But it was really tasty. Near-fainting tasty. So Kari bayildi it is!

3 Tbsp olive oil
1 eggplant, sliced in half
2-3 small zucchini, cut into 1/2 inch rounds
1 onion, sliced
1 sm can crushed tomatoes
2-3 cloves garlic, crushed
1 Tbsp masala seasoning
pinch carraway seeds (optional)
1 sm handful cilantro leaves, chopped
salt to taste
piment (hot sauce) to taste

Heat 2 Tbsps olive oil in a heavy bottomed skillet to med heat. Place eggplants cut-side down in skillet. Cover if you have a lid. Let cook about five minutes (should get soft and browned, not black), then flip and cook another five minutes. Remove eggplant and set aside.

Add another tablespoon of olive oil to skillet. Cook the onions fir a couple minutes, until just soft and a little browned. Add the tomatoes, zucchini, seasonings, cilantro and garlic. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until zucchini is soft. Stir occasionally and add water 1/4 cup at a time if needed.

Add the eggplant and let simmer another 10 minutes.

If you can, let it cool and refrigerate overnight, then reheat before serving. Sooo good on the second day!


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